ARIS day-long project

Project Leaders: Jacqueline Boytim, Sarah Hoskins, and Rebecca Ortenberg


THAT Camp participants will have the opportunity to create a walking tour using the app ARIS that invites people to explore collections and history in Philadelphia. The tour will be in the form of a scavenger hunt, consisting of clues that ask users to find particular collections items, or use collections items to discover history or places in Philadelphia. For example, one clue might ask a user to find this item in a local museum; they would then have to travel to the PMA to complete the task. Another clue might say “where did the author of this iconic political cartoon live in Philadelphia?” which would be completed by going to the Ben Franklin house.

There are a few different ways that conference participants can contribute:

  • Share digitized collections items. Work for a GLAM institution with digitized collections? Bring a few items on a flash drive that you would like to include in the scavenger hunt. Files should be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format, less than 2MB in size, and optimally around 640 pixels in width. For more details on these requirements, visit this page.
  • Write clues. During THATCamp, stop by the project table to brainstorm scavenger hunt clues that match the collections items people have shared.
  • Input tour stops into ARIS. Create tour stops using the collections items and clues.
  • Test the app. At the end of the day, we’ll need a few people to make sure the app works.

Our goal with this project is to have a functioning ARIS walking tour that highlights Philly’s GLAM institutions by the end of the conference.

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