There are two workshops about ArchivesSpace, at different levels. Please feel free to attend one or both, if you are interested.

ArchivesSpace 1: Introduction to ArchivesSpace
Instructors: George Apodaca, Jaime Margalotti, and Tiffany Saulter
Description: ArchivesSpace is the latest version of software that describes, manages, and provides access to archival collections and finding aids online. Its most recent parents were Archivists’ Toolkit and Archon. Although, unlike those, ArchivesSpace is web-based and offers hosting via Lyrasis. This workshop is an introduction and overview that allows attendees to learn more about what ArchivesSpace is, what it can do, and how users, both archivists and researchers, interact with it.
Workshop attendees will go through the steps of creating a very basic accession record and resource record using the ArchivesSpace sandbox. Attendees will need to bring their own laptops for the hands on portion. Workshop leaders will walk them through the process of accession and resource creation, as well as some documentation, and answer any questions.
Tech/Software Requirements: Laptop. In addition, it is recommended that attendees familiarize themselves with the information on the ArchivesSpace website,,and ArchivesSpace sandbox page, (use admin as both username and password for this page), prior to the workshop.

ArchivesSpace 2: The Great Migration — First Steps for Kicking off the Management of Your Archival Repository in ArchivesSpace
Instructor: Maureen Callahan
Description: Most repositories have kept track of their work and the description of their holdings through a patchwork of XML files, off-the-shelf databases, management systems like Archivists’ Toolkit and Archon, spreadsheets, lists, logs, shelf maps, catalog cards… the data stores are innumerable. This workshop will help you find a strategy to decide how you want to manage your repository through software, and then think through how to bring these disparate sources into ArchivesSpace.
Tech/Software Requirements: Please come with a laptop, a list of possible data stores that you would want brought into ArchivesSpace, and a copy of ArchivesSpace installed locally. (You can find installation instructions here.)

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