Introduction to Programming With Ruby

Instructor: Kate Lynch

Description: In this introductory workshop, attendees will experiment with basic Ruby code in the interactive Ruby Shell and then create Ruby-on-Rails-based web interfaces, using powerful Ruby commands to automatically generate frameworks and write a small Ruby-based program in order to learn the basics about language’s intuitive, declarative nature.

In this workshop, attendees will learn:

  • The different applications of different programming languages with a focus on the strengths of Ruby
  • The basics of Ruby syntax
  • The basics of version control with Git
  • How to use the Interactive Ruby Shell to execute code
  • How web-based applications fit with Ruby on Rails

Software/Tech Requirements: You must bring a laptop (Mac, PC, or Linux) running VirtualBox (, with the Vagrant image on it. Please download and install virtual box ahead of time if you are considering attending this workshop.  We will pass around thumb drives at the workshop to install Vagrant on your virtual box.

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